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So many sites promise free and quick websites but, there is always a catch. What you should know ahead of time in order to save money is to be clear about the purpose of your website. What do you home to accomplish by building this website. Are you selling a product online or are you promoting an existing business. Once you know the direction your headed things get a little easier. You don"t have to be a programmer to build a basic site but, it helps to be a little computer savvy to get the job done. If your comfortable using a computer and use multiple programs as a basic user then, that' all the skills you'll need to use a great template for your web design. I love working with great templates from, i tried so many other do it yourself websites but, came up with real cheap templates and poor design. Sometime you start a site and you get overwhelmed by all the features and you quit. Don't bite more than you can chew, call when you get stuck, we love to fix and repair your half project from wix and even the other terrible template guys. Most important thing is , know what you need the site for.

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